Learn how to play an A Melodic Minor scale. I take you through one octave, each hand separately and then together, and then we progress onto two octaves, separate hands first, followed by both hands together.

0:55 Introducing the Key Signature, raising the 6th and 7th notes by a semitone on the way up, and lowering the 6th and 7th notes by a semitone on the way down
2:03 Right Hand 1 Octave
2:28 Left Hand 1 Octave
2:49 Hands Together 1 Octave
3:17 Introducing the A Melodic Minor scale page resource
3:51 Right Hand 2 Octaves
4:32 Left Hand 2 Octaves
5:04 Hands Together 2 Octaves
6:01 Introducing the ‘White Key Melodic Minor Scales’ resource
6:51 Closing Summary

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