In this tutorial, I not only play Struttin’ so you can hear what it sounds like, I also provide lots of tips and advice for how to go about learning it – it’s really like a mini-lesson!

Struttin’ is a great little jazzy piece to learn when you’re still a relative newcomer to playing the piano. I really enjoy teaching it and it’s a firm favourite with my students.

I also reference two of my other tutorials which can help you in the process of learning Struttin’:
How to play ‘loud’ in one hand and ‘soft’ in the other – Part 1
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0:24 Performance of Struttin’
1:00 Introduction to breaking down the piece into sections
1:10 Left Hand Patterns
3:32 Right Hand Patterns
7:12 How to make the right hand rhythm easier to play
8:47 Putting the first 3 bars together
11:17 Watch the counting in the left hand in bars 3 and 4 – don’t race!
12:09 How to shift quickly between the right hand patterns
13:18 Adding in the dynamics and articulation

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