How to make your scales fluent and comfortable by ensuring you have a good technique for passing your thumb under.

0:19 Introducing the two components to easy thumb turning: freedom of thumb movement and small pivot on 3rd (or 4th) finger to facilitate lateral wrist movement
1:03 Demonstration of what not to do – only passing thumb under without employing pivot and lateral wrist movement
1:24 Demonstration of what not to do – only using pivot and lateral wrist movement without passing thumb under
1:55 Demonstration of the correct way – combining both components in the movement
3:25 Tip for passing thumb under and free mobility
4:59 Exercise for thumb turn
6:22 Polishing the table-top (or a car!) analogy for freedom of wrist and arm movement
7:28 Tips for passing fingers over thumb
9:03 Concluding Summary

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