If you want to improve your piano playing skills and musical knowledge quickly, easily and effectively – ‘Accelerando Piano’ is the place for you.

I’m Jane Trotter, and in my tutorials you'll get lots of useful, down-to-earth and practical tips to help fast-track your piano playing.

Then, with your newly enhanced abilities, you can transfer what you’ve learnt into your own pieces and make them sound the way you’ve always wanted them to.

I usually produce 3 or 4 tutorials a month, so, if you want to keep up to date with all my new material, please subscribe and I look forward to helping you on your musical adventure.

Music I Use: https://www.bensound.com/free-music-for-videos
License code: AK7IF4ET1LFV25TN

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Jane is a professional piano teacher providing personalised, individual tuition both in-person and online. With over 30 years of specialist knowledge, she teaches students ranging from beginners (both children and adults) through to Diploma level.

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