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Accelerando Piano’s collection of short videos provides the essential tips and tricks to improve your piano playing skills. Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced player needing a little guidance, there’s something here for you.

This tutorial is all about enharmonic equivalents. Learn what they are, and why the same physical note on the piano keyboard can be called F sharp in one piece, and G flat in another. View the Resource for this Tutorial


Learn the fingering pattern for a two octave C major scale. This tutorial takes you through step by step, with each hand separately first, and then both hands together. I explain how the C major pattern is a ‘standard’ fingering pattern, and also demonstrate how it can be directly transferred onto many other white key

This tutorial explains ledger lines – what they are, why we need them and how to work them out!


Watch me working with a beginner student (my husband Shane!) on how to play a slur. We cover the physical and technical aspects of freedom of movement and loosening his wrist. If you’re not sure about what slurs actually are, please check out my tutorial “How to Play a Slur Part 1” first, where I

About Jane

Jane Trotter is a professional piano teacher providing personalised, individual tuition both in-person and online.

With over 30 years of specialist knowledge, she teaches students ranging from beginners (both children and adults) to Diploma level.

During the lockdown last year I found myself with a lot more time to practise piano, but wasn’t progressing as quickly as I would have liked through YouTube videos alone. Jane offered lessons through Skype, which is extremely helpful as I’m only in Dunedin during university semesters.

Despite doing a lot of the learning through a computer screen, the lessons were still extremely personable, and Jane is a very patient teacher who has advanced my playing further than I thought possible in a year. I’m feeling a lot more confident reading sheet music, and playing pieces I thought it would take me years of practise to attempt.

I highly recommend Jane to anyone in Dunedin, or otherwise, as the lessons through Skype are equally as helpful and rewarding as those in person.

James Nicholls

Frustrated and tired of working alone? 

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